How Are You Doing After the Super Storm? - 4

By Hitman | November 1, 2012

Looks like Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast pretty hard.  I know
some of you are busy up to your ears in water damage work.

Believe me when I say I feel your pain.  I’ve been there and know
how bad it is.

If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.

Please to let me know by Clicking Here to comment on this blog how you’re doing.  Or, comment on my Facebook page.

We’d also love to hear stories or see pictures of any water damage
jobs you’re doing.

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Graphic Design and Ad Templates Done For You - 3

By Hitman | September 26, 2012

Yes.  The ad copy, graphic design, everything.

That’s professional graphic design at no extra cost!

Newsletters, postcards, newspaper ads, val-pak ads, brochures, etc.

I explain it all in the video link below.

This is something guys have been asking me to do for years.  So now I’ve finally broken down and started it.

P.S.  It’s all-inclusive.  And at this time, it costs you nothing extra.

Click here to sign up for the coaching club.

Coaching club details here.

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12 Point Checklist to Target Neighborhoods - 2

By Hitman | September 14, 2012

Click here for ready-to-use EDDM templates

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is the hottest advertising for cleaners since Google.

If you want to dominate any neighborhood, follow this quick checklist.

P.S.  If you do any direct mail marketing to prospective clients, you should look into this.

  1. Choose your ideal neighborhood.  With EDDM, you can pick the route you want to target and mail to the entire route.  Target only the best neighborhoods in town.
  2. Avoid mailing to apartment complexes and lower income homes.  In most cases, EDDM can avoid apartments and low-income homes.
  3. Develop a killer unique selling position.  Here’s where the thought process and your inner marketing brain comes in.  Set yourself apart from your competition in your postcard.
  4. Create a killer offer.  Don’t do the 5 rooms for $XX stuff.  Again, set yourself apart from your competition.  Create a different offer that none of your competitors are doing.
  5. Begin to compose your large postcard.  With EDDM, your postcard is at least 6.5 x 9 inches.  Many are even larger, up to 14 inches longer.
  6. Grab attention with your headline.  Write a headline that boasts your offer or gives a huge benefit to your prospect.
  7. Make them an offer they can’t refuse.  Through the postcard, make your killer offer.
  8. Call them action.  Tell them to call you or they’ll lose out on the benefits you’ve given and your offer.
  9. Give them a deadline.  Don’t just tell them to call.  Tell them to call give a certain date within the next three or four weeks.
  10. Include the EDDM stamp insignia on the postcard.  Also include the send to address with “Postal Customer” along with city, state and zip.
  11. Send your postcard off for printing.
  12. Take your postcard to your local post office.  Bundle them in groups of 50 or 100.

To get coaching and ready-to-use EDDM postcards, click here.



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Carpet Cleaning Advertising Ideas - 1

By Hitman | September 6, 2012

Here’s the basic cliff notes version of my presentation I gave yesterday in Las Vegas at the Connections Convention.

Click here to sign up to get postcards, EDDM and ad templates.

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Recording is Now Up - 1

By Hitman | August 17, 2012

Thank God the recording from last night turned out well!  It’s up now:

The LIVE training session on “How to Use Every Door Direct Mail to Get Cleaning Clients” was (apparently) mind blowing and “business changing” according to the feedback I’m getting from attendees.

Did you miss it?  Watch it this weekend.

The replay is up for a very short time here:

This is the kind of mentoring that you get inside of my Advertising Coaching Club.

I put up a replay in case you couldn’t make it.  The webinar system was having problems, so many guys got booted off half way through…but the recording turned out great, so it’s up for a short time.

Go here now to check it out:

Be sure and take notes. You WILL get very usable information.

Have a great weekend,

John Braun

PS:   How often do you get to see how to use a media that 99% of your competitors aren’t using?

This is the type of private mentoring you get inside of my Advertising Coaching Club- so jump on this now while you still can and discover the profitable advertising system.

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New Video on Direct Mail - 4

By Hitman | July 24, 2012

I just shot a new video for you. This changes everything for cleaning and restoration businesses.

It’s an intro to the new killer direct mail program I’ve been telling you about.

I show you some examples of the ads we’ve been creating for my coaching clients.  As well, I answer some often asked questions I’ve been getting lately about the program.

Click here for details on Hitman’s Coaching Club

Download the PDF Report “Easy Way to Target Any Neighborhood.”

Click here to download the report now


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FREE Report on Neighborhood Advertising - 0

By Hitman | July 18, 2012

This changes everything we do in cleaning advertising.

Free Direct Mail Report (direct download link):

I’ve gotten a huge response with this.  It’s changing the way
we advertise to neighborhoods.

See this before your competitor does.

It’s the best thing I’ve seen since people started searching for
cleaning companies on Google.

Until later,

John Braun
Ad Hitman

P.S.  Check this report out to see actual ad examples.

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New Kick But Direct Mail Service - 0

By Hitman | July 13, 2012

This is best advertising for cleaners and local businesses in a
long time.

If you enjoy servicing clients in select neighborhoods or areas of
town, you MUST see this free report I created for you.

…Be the top of mind company in any neighborhood.

…Send only to the best neighborhoods.

…The cost is as little as $.15 per house

99% of your competitors have no idea this even exists.

In fact, if you need more new clients, you should see this,
because I reveal a brand new direct mail service that allows
you to send to EVERY home and business in your area for
as little as $.15 a piece.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever seen for targeting neighborhoods!
To find out how it works, I’ve created a FREE report titled “The
Cheap, Easy Way to Target Any Neighborhood.” You can get it now,
absolutely FREE, by calling or going to the link below.

Click the link to directly download the report now.

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Use WordPress to Get More Clients Online - 1

By Hitman | June 28, 2012

How can you Take Over Google?

One of tactics many of my clients use is WordPress.

You can do THREE great things with WordPress:

  1. Create mini-websites for several of your services.
  2. Create mini-websites for several of your cities.
  3. Use WordPress as your website because Google loves it

Here’s a video on how to use mini sites to take over Google.

Until later,

John Braun

P.S.  For a limited time, I’m offering one of my most popular courses at a 57% discount.  With this course, you get a FREE WordPress mini-site built for you.

Get 57% Off this course and get a FREE WordPress Mini-Site right now.

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Say goodbye to Google Places - 6

By Hitman | June 6, 2012

Last week, Google announced that Google Places has now been migrated to Google+ Local.

Just like that…Google Places is gone.

What is going on?  Why did they make these changes?

And more importantly, what are you doing to prepare your cleaning and restoration business for these massive changes (and YES they are massive).

I shot a video yesterday explaining a ton of what is going on and some things you can do right now to get better results from the changes.

Make sure you watch this video on Google changes asap

We will be doing a few more webinars over the next couple of weeks to cover more of the changes, and of course we will be discussing these IN MAJOR DEPTH during our live event is being held in 2 weeks.

Sign up for the June 22nd LIVE Seminar in Pensacola (Get FREE Online Training)

Or, Get only the Online Training

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