What I Found Out About Google Rankings - 1

By Hitman | May 29, 2012

I just spent the last three days at an Internet marketing
mastermind meeting with some of the top Internet marketers in
the world.

We analyzed the latest Google Updates and how it affects local
businesses like cleaning and restoration websites.

Here’s a FREE PDF I recently wrote to help you…


Until later,

John Braun
Ad Hitman

P.S.  Tonight we’re getting into the thick of our 4 week
Internet marketing course.  You can still get in…


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You Get in My New Training Course at No Additional Charge - 1

By Hitman | May 14, 2012

Hey guys,

It’s getting close to starting, so…

If you have ever wished someone like me would take you by the hand and walk you through pretty much everything you need to know in order to get cleaning and restoration clients online… step-by-step… then this is definitely for you.

Check out this video for details:


In the video link above, I give you some tips on using the web to get clients.   Plus…Find out where your current clients go to find your phone number (it’s not always where you’d think).

Hope to personally work with you soon!

John Braun

P.S.  I’m launching the new training program next week.

You can get it for no additional charge if you register now for the coming LIVE Internet Marketing Workshop in Pensacola, FL.  And if you can’t come to the LIVE workshop, don’t worry, I’ve put in an option where you can still attend the online training program even if you don’t register for the LIVE workshop.

Here’s the best part:

It costs you less to join today than I normally charge for just one of my training programs… you get all of them for one low price.

This explains everything:


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Howard’s Roundtable Event (Last Chance) - 0

By Hitman | April 27, 2012

Howard’s Roundtable Event (Last Chance)Just giving you notice about a special event happening May 10-12.

This is the place I go to meet the most successful cleaners in the world.  My good friend John Torres will be there speaking about how he added $1 MILLION in revenue to his business in the past 12 months.

Although I won’t be speaking on the stage, I’ll have a private table where I’ll be available to personally answer your advertising and Internet marketing questions.

Register right NOW at the link below…


Until later

John Braun

P.S.  Download this FREE Website Checklist for SEO report now before I take it down


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20 Minute Website SEO Checklist - 1

By Hitman | April 19, 2012

Click here to get on Google Places Fast

“Download Your FREE PDF With The
20 Minute Website SEO Checklist…”

Click here to download your PDF

Click here to register for Howard’s Roundtable May 10-12th

Click here to get your mobile website

Click here for details on the June 22nd Workshop in Pensacola

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Hitman Advertising Live Workshop on June 22, 2012 - 4

By Hitman | April 14, 2012

Pensacola, FL – April 13, 2012 – This June, in Pensacola, Florida, Hitman Advertising is holding a live Internet marketing workshop for cleaning companies.

John Braun, owner of Hitman Advertising, says, “The cleaning industry has been begging for a workshop like this, so I finally decided to do it.”  Braun teaches cleaners all over the world to take advantage of the Internet.  “For some cleaning companies, the web has made a huge difference in their business.  In the old days, you would spend $1,000 or more each month on the yellow pages.  These days, you can spend a tiny fraction of that and get a better advertising return on the web.”

This event takes place in beautiful Pensacola, Florida, so families can come and enjoy the weekend on the beach.  “All work and no play makes for a dull life,” says Braun.  “I thought we’d set this up in Pensacola, near the beach, to give everyone a chance for some fun.”

The evening before the event, Dusty Roberts of the Rugbadger Corporation will do a mini-workshop to teach attendees how to get more area rug cleaning clients.  This extra bonus night is free to all attendees.

The seminar will concentrate on giving attendees a step-by-step system.  They’ll see exactly what needs to be done to get clients using the Internet.  Hitman Advertising is giving away two free reports to prepare for the event.  Any one can get the reports regardless of whether or not you attend.  The first report is the “Internet Marketing Blueprint For Cleaners” that gives the basics of online marketing from the perspective of a cleaning company.  The second is the “20 Minute Website Checklist for SEO.”  This gives a checklist to see where a website is at and where it needs to start at for better ranking.

For registration details and to get these FREE reports call 888-211-7702 or go to www.Hitmanworkshop.com

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Webinar Replay of Mobile Websites and More - 0

By Hitman | April 6, 2012

If you missed it last night, here’s your chance.

The highly-requested Mobile Websites, Google Updates and More
webinar replay is up for a short time.

Here’s your link to watch the replay – I’d say run,? don’t walk to
watch it now!


I’ll have it up over the weekend, but I’ll probably be taking it
down next week.


At the very beginning of the webinar, I announced the registration
to my upcoming LIVE “Internet Marketing” Workshop.  It’s being held
in Pensacola, Florida on June 22, 2012.  Be one of the first
registrants and get a FREE bonus training course valued at $147.

Hear the details at the beginning of the webinar.

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Get a FREE Mobile Website For Your Cleaning Biz - 0

By Hitman | April 2, 2012

I’ve been telling a few of my clients about a FREE way to get a
mobile website for their cleaning business.

I’m going to reveal how you can get yours.

Plus, find out what you’ll need to make mobile websites bring
you tons of clients.

It’s all happening on a FREE webinar Thursday night!

Register now at the link below…


6pm pacific | 8pm central | 9pm eastern

*** I scheduled it late enough in case you’re out cleaning ***

Oh, you’ll also find out how to get registered for my coming
Internet Marketing Workshop on June 22nd in Pensacola, FL.

P.S.  You can register right now and ask your questions.


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The First Ever…LIVE Internet Marketing Workshop - 0

By Hitman | March 29, 2012

…If your competition is taking all the business.
…If you’re confused about Google and Facebook.
…If you just want to see how to get more clients.
…Then you’ll love what we have planned for you.

Now, you can attend the first “Hitman Internet Training Workshop.”

The event takes place June 22, 2012 in beautiful Pensacola, Florida.  We’ll be opening the sign up in about a week.  And if you’re among the first the sign up, you’ll get in at a discounted price PLUS get a pretty cool bonus.  But hurry, there are limited space available and we do anticipate this event getting SOLD OUT!  So stay tuned so you can register early.

To prepare you, next week, I’ll be giving away two FREE money making reports that will start you on the process of getting cleaning clients for very little money using the Internet.  These reports will be available to you FREE whether or not you register for the event.  Look for these coming soon!

You’ll get the “Internet Marketing Blueprint for Cleaners” which lays out an entire Internet marketing plan.  Plus you’ll get the brand NEW “20 Minute Website Checklist for SEO” to get your website checked and prepared to for total optimization.

I’ve thought off and on about holding my own seminar for years.  I think it’s past time I did it.  So come out and actually see with your own eyes how to use the Internet to get HUGE returns on your advertising investment.  No other advertising beats the Internet.  But you need to know some of the tricks.

Mark your calendar and bring the family.  Come out to beautiful Pensacola Beach and spend the weekend on a short business trip and family getaway (consult your accountant to see how this may be a tax deduction).

MARK YOUR CALENDAR!  Registration info and two killer reports coming next week!  So stay tuned!

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Quality Content on Cleaning Websites - 3

By Hitman | March 22, 2012

Click Here to get in on this now!

Some scary new statements from Google.

About how “over SEO” can hurt you…

And about how duplicate and poor content on your site can hurt…

My quick opinion is focus on your content and move away from ‘thin’ amounts of text or text that is already on other websites.

Like I have been teaching you for years…put good, unique content on your site and Google will “bless” your sites (more below)

While Google is going crazy – I think you need to take a step back and change the GAME –

Click here to have your blog posts and social media done for you

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Blogging Tips For Cleaning Businesses - 4

By Hitman | March 14, 2012

See this video below to see how you can get more clients for your cleaning biz…

Blogs get be great for cleaning businesses.

Yes, they bring traffic.  And yes, they help you convert web lurkers into paying clients.

But I always get questions about how to use a blog to get clients.

More Training and Coaching

Join my Ad Coaching Club and get a FREE Blog

Get SEO done for you to get your site ranking high


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